La Lune à Contre Jour — Victor Deverre


The love relationship that the author expresses is staged from a room to the escape near the ocean. The multiple layers and stages of the relationship are shaped by successive structures of curtains that Victor will gradually cross.

The dancers allow a vision of this relationship in a choreographed way, showing the whole duration of a relationship and its hazards.


Directors :

D.O.P. :
AC :
Gaffer :
Fashion designer :
Loc managers :

Photographer :
Editor :

Dancers :

Pablo Chevrel
Florence Pernet
Pablo Chevrel
Anthony Manikon
Johan Clément
Isaac N’Vemba
Elodie Mauger
Romane Vaujoie
Maël Gambet
Leo Robine
Quentin Roux

Mathilde Miossec
Pablo Chevrel
Lise Boucaux
Téo Cellier

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