Regrets — Jeanne Bonjour


This creation focuses on the regrets of life.

In the same way as in the music, her problems are treated with self-mockery and irony.

Jeanne plays a hysterical character who will be confronted with her regrets on multiple occasions. We will discover a character who undergoes, and who tries to accept the regrets.

Against this hysteria, the dancers bring a form of lightness to the subject. At first, each one is independent of the others, until their evolution leads them to form a single unit.


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Jeanne Bonjour
Live Music Production

Pablo Chevrel

Amandine Levarlet
Thomas Delsaut
Mathieu Chesneau
Antoine Vérité
Noé Guyot
Malo Le Guen

Esther Buquen
Alexandra Aysina
Rose Courtay
Salomé Arethura

Romane Coston
Lilou Rabin

Albane Kerdraon
Jules Antoine
Lorraine Torlasco
Pablo Chevrel
Mathieu Chesneau
Adeline Rezé
Agathe Guyot
Alexandra Bloyet
Anouman Carré
Colline Gauttier
Florian Gurnauer
Lola Ossieux
Nora Koelh
Perrine Lemonier

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